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When Should I Replace Old Electrical Wiring?

16 Apr
When Should I Replace Old Electrical Wiring

Is Your Electrical Wiring Outdated? Aluminum was used for electrical wiring in residential houses in the 1960s and 1970s due to the high prices of copper wires. However, copper is now more preferred to solid aluminum for electrical wiring in homes. It is preferred because of the risks associated with using older aluminum electrical wiring. […]

Electrical Upgrades You Will Want for Your Home Remodel

05 Mar
Attaboy Electrical Updates You will Want for Your Home Remodel

If you are a homeowner and plan to remodel your home, consider getting electrical upgrades. This upgrade involves upgrading the home electrical system to about 200 to 400 amps. The entire electrical system around the house has to be replaced. This includes the electric panel, grounding, bonding system, load side service entry system, weather head, […]

8 Signs It’s Time To Call Your Local Electrician – Infographic

16 Feb

While there are plenty of home projects suitable for do-it-yourself approaches, electrical work is rarely among them. Your home’s electrical system is highly complex, often difficult to access, and, most important of all, hazardous. It is important for your local electrician to keep you safe. Today, most homes have about 220 to 240 volts coming […]

Understanding The Electrical Wire Colors

16 Nov
Attaboy Electrician Littleton CO shows you What color is the load wire

Avoid Electric Hazards By Understanding The Electrical Wire Colors Understanding electrical wire colors ensure the electrician’s, residents’, and appliances’ safety every time the electrical system is under maintenance or repair. Different colors indicate the wire’s purpose in the circuit. Remember that all wires may carry an electric current at certain times so, they should all […]

What Are The Types Of Electrical Wiring?

17 Jun
Attaboy Electrician Littleton CO shows you an overview of the types of electrical wiring.

Types Of Electrical Wiring The general concept of electrical wiring encompasses putting up wires and lighting systems. Wiring is a technical installation that requires qualified electricians to handle. Different governments and professional bodies have come up with safety measures. These standards guide electrical installation in their regions. The rules guide and apply to all types […]