Electrical Upgrades You Will Want for Your Home Remodel

05 Mar

If you are a homeowner and plan to remodel your home, consider getting electrical upgrades. One of the best electrical upgrades you can undertake involves upgrading the home electrical system to about 200 to 400 amps. This electrical upgrade for home renovation means that the entire electrical system around the house has to be replaced. This includes the electric panel, grounding, bonding system, load side service entry system, weather head, meter base, and entrance cable. You should note that this is not a DIY project, so ensure that you get in touch with a professional when considering an electrical upgrade for home safety and efficiency.

Most homes built over thirty-five years ago cannot handle the current electricity needs, making it essential to upgrade electrical in their house for safety purposes. You should also think about getting an electrical upgrade for home comfort and reliability if the lights keep flickering, you do not have enough outlets, or your breakers frequently trip. Listed below are some of the best electrical upgrades you may want for your home remodel.

electrical upgrades in the house

Rewiring and Rerouting

When you are renovating your home, you will likely expand an individual room and change where things should go. For instance, you may decide to change your kitchen from a traditional kitchen set up to an open plan kitchen. Depending on the space available, you may decide to have a kitchen island, a pantry, and a storage room.

Whatever aesthetic you choose for your new kitchen will be great, but the current electrical system in your home may not be able to accommodate these changes. So to avoid having to call in an electrician after the remodeling, consider having one rewire your electrical system during the remodeling process. It will be time-saving, and you will also be able to save on costs.

Modern Features

It is essential to get the proper lighting fixtures for your home. If you like to host guests, you know that lighting creates an ambiance, which can determine an environment’s energy. While it is crucial to get the right light for your home, you must consider the light switches that control the lights. There are various light switch options you can choose from when you are remodeling your home.

For instance, you could choose remote-controlled lighting, dimmers, multi-locations, different size switches, sliders, 4-way and 3-way switches. The options are endless, so you will choose a switch that works best for you, depending on your remodeling design.

Panel Upgrades

A panel upgrade is essential when you upgrade your home electrical system. Older technology did not require as much power as the current modern technology. Even though most manufacturers say their products are energy efficient, compared to older models, they consume more energy. Most people have many appliances in their homes, such as microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, gadgets, and media-driven electronics.

Today, an average home uses about 30% more electricity. So when you are remodeling your home, it would be best to factor this in. Each room in your house consumes a different amount of energy. Therefore, ensure that your electrical system can handle it efficiently and safely. If not, consider getting an upgrade electrical in the house.

a photo of electrical upgrades you can make Smart Home Features

When remodeling your home, you may want to consider adding a couple of smart features to make your life easier. Technology has advanced so much to a point where everything in your home can be automated and be remote-controlled. Some smart home features allow you to control these features from the comfort of your phone. Installing smart features in your home is convenient because you can comfortably access whatever you want at your command or by a touch of a button. However, note that this will not be cheap.

Some of the smart home features you can add during remodeling include remote controlled blinds or drapes, smart smoke alarms, refrigerators that can remind you what groceries you need, smart sensors, hubs, alarms, and sirens, remote-controlled lights, video surveillance system, smart thermostats, remote-controlled cooling and heating, and a remote-controlled sprinkler system. Most manufacturers are also making smart appliances. Therefore, if you have the extra money to spend, you can make your life more efficient.

Outlet and Receptacles

When you upgrade the electrical system in your house, it is essential to consider changing the receptacle. A receptacle must be efficient and safe when it is installed. High-energy appliances use specialized receptacle models. Since these appliances require a lot of energy, they need a receptacle that can accommodate them.

Ensure you seek advice from a professional electrician when you are remodeling to get the right type of light switches and appropriate outlets for all the appliances and electronics in your home. You do not have to worry about the design because there are many options to choose from since most of them have decorative features that can match with the finishing touches you will have chosen for the different rooms.

Sufficient Power

As mentioned earlier, different rooms in your home consume different energy levels. Therefore, when you are remodeling your home, it is essential to have an electrical exaltation. For instance, the home office, bathroom, workshop, and kitchen will require more power. So when you remodel, you need to consider that these upgrades may need a new electrical panel, and the electrical wiring has to be efficient. Your house needs to have enough outlets, and your electrical system should support and supply efficient power to all the outlets in use.

When you are remodeling your home, you must get an electrical exaltation. Please make sure you get in touch with a professional electrician so they can offer their expert advice. Considering that, it will be easier to update the wiring during remodeling since everything will be open. If you do not get electrical upgrades during remodeling, you will incur more costs because you may have to reopen your walls later to have the system upgraded. Ensure that you work with an experienced electrician when you decide to get electrical upgrades.

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