Electrical Hazards & Safety

17 Jun

Insure Your Safety

Let Attaboy Electrician Littleton assess your Littleton area home for electrical hazards. We can do this while we are performing repairs or installations. Here’s why this assessment is important:

One of the Worst HAZARDS IN A HOME is the Electrical system! The most dangerous aspect of electrical hazards in a home is that you cannot see it! That is why it is important that you have a certified electrician provide you with a complete safety check to insure that no fire our electrical hazards exist.

Attaboy Electrician Littleton provides a complete project safety check when doing any work. That way you can make the best decision about how to proceed with making your home safe.

Your Locally Owned Littleton Electric Services Company

 Attaboy Electrician Littleton serves the Denver Metro area with superior quality and reliable service. We are a locally owned and operated electrical company that proudly serves Littleton residents with complete residential electrical service and repair, as well as complete electrical hazards checks. Our electricians are certified and trained in all aspects of electrical safety hazards. Our electricians are always looking for electrical safety hazards to point out to home owners, and are prepared to show you what options are available to fix the problem. Our electricians can also give you a quote for the various options so that you can begin determining how you would like to proceed in repairing and upgrading your electrical system.

Our Electricians Can Explain Potential Hazards in Your Littleton Home

Make sure you ask your electrician to explain your home’s electrical system, and what hazards may exist. Please see descriptions of some of the many electrical hazards that you need to be aware of:

  • Arc fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCIs)
  • Loose or improper connections
  • Aluminum Wiring (Old House wiring) EXTREMELY HAZARDOUS
  • Zinsco Electrical Panels
  • Damaged appliances
  • Damaged or Exposed wiring
  • Outlets or switches that are not properly grounded
  • Surge Protection

Call for concerns about your older home or electrical concerns: 303.288.2269 (303-ATTABOY)

Whether you’re home needs an inspection, has faulty wiring, or needs upgrades, Attaboy Electrician Littleton is excited about your project. Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Parker and the vicinity.

Please call Attaboy Electrical Services today to discuss the specifics of your project or get your electrical questions answered by a certified and A photo of Attaboy going to fix electrical hazards.licensed electrician: 303.ATTABOY (303.288.2269)

Your Safety is our Priority!